Aso Global

Aso Global is an African inspired lifestyle brand, they have travelled across the globe exploring creative expressions rooted in African tradition, arts and culture. The brand is based in the UK and was founded in 2014 by Nathaniel Akinpelu Williams.

‘Aṣọ’ means ‘cloth’ in the Yoruba language. For us, Aṣọ it is a metaphor for all people of African descent around the world – with each community representing an individual thread of the cloth. Aso Global has been regular participants at events such as Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) and Afropunk (Paris).

We love their heavy gold pieces which consists of rings and chains showing iconic figures and masks, their pieces played a big role in styling the king and the queen on the day of our photoshoot. Check out their website and Instagram:



 Love the look? Below are some of our favourite pieces:   

Iyoba Idia Profile Ring - Bronze (Unisex and Adjustable)

Iyoba Idia Oversize Bronze Mask Ring (adjustable)

Iyoba Idia Profile Solid Bronze Pendent

Ife Head Oversize Bronze Pendent

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