Shiwangi Periwal

We collaborated with Central Saint Martins graduate and Jewellery Designer Shiwangi Periwal. We were honoured to feature Shiwangi Periwal’s 3 brass unisex rings and they were perfect for the king and queen! She is passionate about working with intricate details, rhythmic patterns and translating them into the modern milieu to achieve unique outcomes. Her practice is primarily driven by amalgamating contemporary digital skills with the traditional method and exploring unconventional processes. She uses jewellery as a medium to express personal, cultural and social themes.

The striking cobalt blue motifs of Shiwangi’s pieces are evocative of Jaipur blue pottery. Looking into her roots, she addresses this long-established art in a contemporary manner. While employing a combination of traditional and modern jewellery-making techniques, her pieces share a distinctive common thread: the digital technology used to create the motifs. It is both a reminder of the fading tradition and the tool bringing it back to life. Whether digitalised, distorted, or pixelated, the collection’s cultural mélange succeeds in incorporating ancient craft into a current narrative.

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3 Brass Rings


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