Interview with Fashion Designer, Kwesi Nti

We had the opportunity to interview Ghanaian fashion designer Kwesi Nti in his flagship store in Accra, Ghana. Read more for his inspiration and about his brand….


Did you study fashion in Ghana?

I studied fashion in Italy in 1991


What are you currently doing?

Marking shirts and sandals


What are your main inspirations?

The women that carry baskets, they mix and wear clothes that don’t match. You can find style in everything, I look for inspiration in places or things people don’t look at. That’s how you can bring new creations to the world.


What are the main materials you use?

Cotton and Linen


Are you just a menswear designer?

I do both menswear and womenswear but I am more known for my menswear.


What is your signature style?

Embroidery, I sketch logos of symbols which are my own version of traditional Ghanaian symbols. I am bringing something that brings tradition


Give us an example of one of your symbols?

One of my popular symbols is the Sankonfa, it is embroidered round in spirals. I used to put the Sankonfa sign at the back of shirts and everyone started copying, that’s how I became known.


Do you incorporate Kente into your designs?

Yes, I have shirts with featuring Kente Prints


Instagtram - Kwesi.nti

Store address - 96 La Bawaleshu road, East Legon, Ghana

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